NEW PRODUCT--electronic shelf label
Published:2014-07-02 11:18:05    Text Size:【BIG】【MEDIUM】【SMALL

Because the expansion in global retail trading market,our group company has researched and developed electronic shelf label system (ESLs )technology. Our management aim is energy saving,environmental protection,improving customer experiences and increasing business performance.
Our tags using 2.4GHZ communication and RFID technology,the transmission will be more quick and can reach long distance.
ESLs forms out of three parts:softer managing system,base station,tags. we have added handheld reader & installation accessories for convenience of the maintenance & installation of the system.
System principle:first:product date base will be encoded by ESL system software through main computer,second,info. like updating price will be sent to station through enthernet,finally,product info. will be sent to the whole shopping mall(or warehouse) by station.

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